Show 'Em How It's Done

Eye tracking shows more than where you’re looking – it reveals where your focus is and how you react and make decisions.

Works in Any Game

Tobii Ghost is compatible with any PC game and can be easily used with all the most common streaming software.

Fully customizable

Make the overlay invisible to you and customize how it looks for your viewers. Choose its color, opacity, size and type.

Tobii Ghost Software

(Formerly Streaming Gaze Overlay)

  • Show where you’re looking with a Tobii Eye Tracker, in any game

See the Ghost in Action

  • shroud

    Using an Eye Tracker in PUBG

  • cdewx

    WOW Arena with an Eye Tracker

  • Dyrus

    Swain delivering the pain

What You Need to Get Started

To stream with Tobii Ghost, you’ll need a compatible Tobii Eye Tracking device, Eye Tracking Core Software and Tobii Ghost Software.


Tobii Eye Tracking Device

Get the necessary hardware to get started with eye tracking.

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Eye Tracking Core Software

Ensure you have the latest software to set up, 
calibrate and run eye tracking.

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Tobii Ghost Software

Show where you are looking in-game and in applications with customizable colors.


Download Tobii Ghost